Romancing The Voters Kindle Edition

Romancing The Voters [Kindle Edition]

Romancing The Voters Republican Paper Back Edition in Library of Congress LCCN # 2013911214
ISBN-10: 1484183630
ISBN-13: 978-1484183632

Romancing The Voterz Tea Party Paper back
ISBN-13: 978-1490317823
ISBN-10: 1490317821 

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The rules determine the outcome of any contest.  For instance, everyone agree that no women’s basketball team can beat the L.A. Lakers.  Change just one rule, however, and you will get a different outcome…………………..…..

Make everyone play in high heels.

Romancing The Voters, is a political handbook of conservative talking points.

This book is for people who don’t have time to research the issues and for their friends, children and grandchildren.

If you’ve given up on your kids who have been politically indoctrinated by their professors, the media and Hollywood (as many have told me), and now are working on your grandkids here is a great handbook to get them on the right track. The majority of Americans, according to the polls, say “the country is on the wrong track.”

It is Short, Simple, Easy and Fun to read.  It is more than just bumper sticker responses to important issues that liberals use in trying to obfuscate important issues.

The issues covered range from: No president in 100 years  has received more than 36% of the votes from the Voter Eligible Population (VEP) aka, registered voters.  How liberals think differently, Gun Ignorance, Why the Minimum Wage is a Learning Wage, Why America is Rich, What is the purpose of taxes, and Why Martin Luther King was a Republican.

This book encourages thinking as a science with well thought out answers to difficult questions. An intelligent, effective way to get the country back on track and with which you can pass on the principles of freedom, a limited government, private property and free enterprise.

We all can learn from the wisdom of the ages, from Adam Smith to Milton Friedman, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell — from the best, the brightest and most brilliant political and economic answers.

Romancing The Voters is a selection of dozens of writers and their most persuasive answers to current issues and you have them in this thin, little handbook!

Best part:  You won’t have to separate the wheat from the chaff from over 500 books.  It has been done it for you, providing you just the most cogent answers to “slay the philistines,” as the saying goes.

Many, if not most of the answers in this book will be new to you, or you have forgotten.  They are designed to educate not merely poke a sharp stick in the eyes of your political adversaries, which all too often is counter-productive.

For fun, in the Addendum are the 15 greatest political jokes such as, “Politicians and diapers must be changed often

……………………………. and for the same reason.” Mark Twain

My goal is to raise $20,000 to promote and advertise this book in various venues.  The venues that primarily cater to Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians and TEA Party members.

You can see a sample of the book on This is to be followed up by a second book of issues in 2014. I’m  Fred Schnaubelt, Fred I’ve gained great insight into the issues and which prompted me to go on 35 year quest to find the most persuasive answers to counter liberal balderdash,  and “I approve this message.”  You can Google Fred Schnaubelt for more background information.

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