The Life & Death of Labor Unions

The Life & Death of Labor Unions As Seen Here


I think President Ronald Reagan led the way to busting the first union … FAA Pilots Daniel

You are right Daniel, but it was the Air Traffic Controllers, PATCO Union, not the pilots.  PATCO thought Reagan would never endanger the public without the air traffic controllers. He fired all who did not return to work and replaced them with military traffic controllers in 1981, with fewer air incidents I believe.   Boy did they miscalculate Regan’s resolve against an illegal strike, and he changed the power and influence of unions for at least the last 32 years.  Fred


Thanks Mark,
Good question, I’ll try to find out if the Daily Transcript is a union shop.  I don’t think so but will try to find out.
I believe the Union-Tribune’s Newspaper Guild was decertified several years ago.  I think there was a court ruling the unions can’t dictate editorial and management policies.  Fred

Fred, I’m very old but did miss reading the Atlantic Monthly edition back in 1898! Another Great Essay! Am surprised the Daily Transcript will put in print. Isn’t the print staff at the Transcript unionized? Thanks for sending! Monte

This is a FABULOUS article!!
Keep shining the light!
Best regards,  Tom

Barbara, you know the problem well.  There are similar stories at the City of San Diego unable to fire people who won’t work.


Another aspect of the unions: teaching non whites how to file discrimination cases against white European males. My husband was accused of being a racist because he expected someone, who worked for him for only 13 days, (who was also lazy and couldn’t show up for work five days in a row) to do his job. The fact finding was done by a black woman and the report that was submitted had been edited and showed comments taken out of context that looked racist.
The irony of the situation, after being removed from his position so he couldn’t harm any one else, was being put in charge of all the new hires who were black or Mexican! Let’s hear it for City of San Diego water department who fulfill every requirement for equal opportunity with out any skills required!

Thank you Larry,


Another great article. Thanks for your efforts.  As I have seen what happens when 12-16 year olds do NOT work,  I realize that the labor union based rules keeping kids out has only helped create a drug culture and make kids less capable of competing in the work place.  Video games, drugs, sex, mischief …have all replaced working hard, gaining real work experience and learning responsibility.  Woodrow Wilson was creating racism…a primary goal of the Communist Manifesto to create disharmony in our society.  May God bless you my friend.



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