Cheaper than the private market

Kirk: It is virtually impossible, economically, physically, practically, morally, or any other way for the government to provide anything cheaper than the private market because the government’s very substantial overhead has to be added to whatever government delivers that is provided by private parties or businesses.  The founders fully intended for Congress to be continually engaged in gridlock between the House, Senate, President and Supreme Court.  They felt the checks and balances would pit ambition against ambition and the people would come out on top since the fear has always been of government and not the people (except for 200 years primarily in the U.S.)  R.J. Rummel in DEATH BY GOVERNMENT points out that governments have murdered over 100 million people in the last 100 years or so. People who worship the government might keep in mind that the U.S. and freedom is an aberration over the last 10,000 years when they beseech more government intervention in their lives.