Compares Weekly Earnings Of Women And Men

 Fred Schnaubelt  This statistic, women make 77% of what men make has been refuted so many times, you cannot count them, but it never dies. As journalists are fond of saying, “Follow the money.”
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Bob R. You are the first person I’ve heard that said it was refuted; though I don’t doubt Glenn & Rush say it a lot. Most people believe women still get like 77% the same as men…


Bob, The 77% figure has been bandied about since at least 2000 and refuted numerous times.  It compares weekly earnings of women and men, not hourly earnings. On average, women work less than 35 hours a week and on average men work more than 40 hours per week, with far more working 48 hours than women.  Marilyn Vos Savant noted in her Parade Magazine column if women do comparable work and are 23% cheaper than men, and corporations are motivated by profits, would not the most competitive businesses hire all women and outperform their competitors.  Most corporations don’t come close to making a 23% profit so if it were true, you can immediately see the advantage.


More recently, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Published a study in its October 2011 Review, that when keeping other factors constant, and when considering “total compensation, the gender gap dropped to 3.6%.”  Other studies have shown it to be less than 2%.  Women tend to work in places that offer certain benefits and flexible hours for which they “willingly” accept lower pay in order to be home when their children get out of school, among several other factors. See the penultimate paragraph: