Please don’t recall Mayor Bob Filner

Republicans, Free Bob Filner!

Please don’t recall Mayor Bob Filner.

Mayor Filner made yesterday’s Sunday Talk Shows.

He has garnered more national publicity in the past month than in his 20 years in Congress, in fact, in his entire political career. Like Anthony Wiener, he craves and thrives on this publicity.

Bob Filner is the Poster Boy for the Democrat Party’s real position on women.

The longer his stint as Mayor drags out the better for conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and TEA Party members.

Even low-information voters who typically are clueless about politicians know Mayor Filner.

Political opponents can never raise enough money for this kind of negative Democrat Party publicity.

(Is this why the media increasingly avoids mentioning Filner is a Democrat?)

Free Bob Filner (Let him do his thing).

Fred Schnaubelt, Former San Diego Councilman
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