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You who read this book already know many of your liberal leaning friends have become oblivious to the outside world because they are preoccupied with their favorite things. They need to be persuaded how to think for themselves, with these new approaches, instead of being indoctrinated by the main stream media. You can be the one who exposes them to economic fallacies and facts that will help turn around their point of view. Romancing the Voters will give you the skills necessary to peg misinformed people the instant you begin a conversation with them.

Read this book with a pencil in hand.  Label sentences that stand out on how to respond to a fallacy, hypocrisy, truth, historical fact, common sense, opinion, horrid or whatever label seems right to you.  Write a summary of the most meaningful parts of each chapter. The SECOND time you read the book, develop a color system to highlight statements, such as orange for truths, yellow for exposing fallacies, blue for key facts (such as the last sentence on page 79), green for hypocrisies. Romancing the Voters is going to become one of the most dog-eared books in your library.

The knowledge you gain from this brief handbook will change the way you converse about politics. You will make your case more appealing as you develop Ronald Reagan style anecdotes (page 87). You will learn to redefine words liberals use, such as changing ‘minimum wage’ to ‘Learning wage’ (page 55).

Best of all, you can stop being silent when confronted with issues you are hesitant to defend because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. With this arsenal of talking points you won’t be at a loss for words anymore!

-Lynette Gain Williams, President, Women Volunteers in Politics

Read the Romancing The Voters NOW


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